Who is Victoria Art Therapy? (VAT)

Victoria Art Therapy is a professional company situated in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, that offers Art Therapy services. We are highly skilled and trained.
The Art Therapy work undertaken with clients, is informed by current and emerging research, that best supports people to shift and develop.
Victoria Art Therapy specialises in providing a safe, non- judgemental contained space.
Victoria Art Therapy is based on a ‘Humanistic Philosophy’ believing that everyone is individual and that we contain many stories and life experiences. With this in mind, we work in alignment with the unique needs of our clients.
Victoria Art Therapy is truly committed to providing the best outcomes for all of our clients. We investigate, learn and study how peoples physical environments can impact on their mental health. Throughout our cultural history, people of all backgrounds have found that our surroundings influence our behaviours. With this in mind we provide our clients with a ‘healing environment’, that consistently nurtures, maintains safety, security and emotional support. Environmental Psychology links people with ‘healing space’. The focus is on the ‘experience’ and the ’emotion’ that the ‘place’ elicits. Today, evidence and science are proving that our behaviour, emotions and cognitive functions are indeed shaped not only by our genetics, but also by our surroundings.
At Victoria Art Therapy we draw upon a number of therapeutic frameworks, which best suit our client’s requirements and goals. Everyone is different and that is why we deliver different approaches to make sure we are providing the best possible outcomes for our clients.
Non Judgemental Assessment
The therapist’s stance of neutrality can lead to trust, which is the basis of any form of therapeutic relationship. This principle of neutrality must be established from the beginning of the art therapy relationship, otherwise healing cannot occur. Our staff at Victoria Art therapy are highly trained in establishing a trusting and supporting therapeutic relationship.

Art Therapy and Neuroplasticity

Victoria Art Therapy recognises the importance of neuroscience in understanding the effectiveness that art therapy has through engaging clients in the creative process using various art materials. Creative engagement in a therapeutic environment can promote neuroplasticity, resulting in long-term changes of negative patterns of thought, and resolution of destructive perception of self as a result of trauma.
 Art Therapy initiates the healing of mind, body, and spirit when stimulated through the creative process. Through studies encompassing neurobiology, neuroplasticity and differing functions of the right-brain and left brain hemispheres, as well as the uncovering of the mirror neuron system, it is now possible to provide scientific evidence for the claim that Art Therapy is effective in treating a variety of disorders and symptoms.