What is Art Therapy?
The creative process of making art within a therapeutic relationship and safe place, reveals a new way of ‘seeing’. 
Traumatic memories are stored in our non-verbal brain. So, although these early experiences influence how we think and behave, often we find memories very difficult to collate, explore or explain them with words.
Art Therapy is a great alternative to recover and express those feelings in a visual way. Art Therapy encourages clients to explore their imagination and creativity and to improve and inform physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
Art Therapy is about being ‘in the moment’ and assisting you to find your ‘voice ‘through the creative process. It is also what eventuates after the process which is useful and important. Art therapy is able to illuminate areas that are stuck or blocked allowing for further focus on the areas of concern.
The themes that emerge as a result of this creative process is then dealt with and explored with the client. Greater self-awareness reduces the impact of stress and helps us function more effectively.
It is important to have a skilled Art therapist, to explore what comes up, in a safe and supportive environment.
At VAT we use a range of modalities (paint, collage, clay, pastels, and many other mediums).
  • Art works on a spatial matrix rather than a linear matrix like language.
  • Express yourself on multiple levels simultaneously. 
  • Art provides a doorway, a dialogue that becomes visual.
  • The art product has its own individual voice.



We assist and facilitate a safe space so that you can release what is already within you. 
Art Therapy becomes a place where you can ‘just be’ and enjoy the creative process.