Madeleine Chelini


Madeleine’s own values of integrity, honesty, respect, presence, curiosity and emotional safety are the foundations she carries through in her delivery of teachings.’

Madeleine is the CEO and ‘Founder’ of Victoria Art Therapy. As lead Art Therapist, her goal is to ensure that the art therapy team, work with a trauma-informed and person-centred philosophy so that every person is always at the centre of sessions. Madeleine is highly skilled and trained as an Art Therapist and is an established Visual Artist who has a great compassion, empathy and understanding of  trauma suffered by children, adolescents and adults.

Madeleine is a professionally registered senior Art Therapist through ANZACATA. She has extensive experience working with culturally diverse children, adolescents and adults in individual and group sessions. She works in the community and also in a clinical environment within the mental health sector. She has worked with a range of complex issues, some of these include mood disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma, neglect, grief, loss, eating disorders, sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

Madeleine explains that ‘the relationship ’is seen as a key in the therapeutic process. Providing a non-judgemental environment where people’s stories are treated with respect and care. This is crucial to both the client and the art therapist forming an ethical and trusting relationship.

The ways in which she works is guided and determined by the needs of her clients. She draws on a number of Art Therapy Frameworks that best suit her clients. She believes in the importance of observation and listening to her clients as they are the experts of their personal ‘lived experience’. She values research and is highly-skilled and trained in evidenced based Art Therapy and counselling approaches. 

Art is very much a way Madeleine expresses herself. Her visual arts background of 40 years enables her to regularly practise art therapy. ‘Art, like Art Therapy is soul searching of oneself. You examine who you are and are awakened to your vulnerabilities and strengths. You examine your experiences and the wounds you may have suffered.’ While engaging in the creative process, Madeleine articulates that she finds herself in a state of ‘flow’ where reflection and learning occur. In order for her clients to experience this desired state, Madeleine aids and encourages her clients with her professional guidance and is committed, passionate and dedicated to helping people reach their ultimate well-being.

Madeleine invites you to take that first step and engage in a tailored art therapy session that is specific to your needs and goals. The first step is always the hardest, but Victoria Art Therapy will be there to support and guide you through this creative process. Use your creativity to tap into your innate power for growth and healing!

Warm Regards,

Madeleine Chelini