May 2023 – 5-week short course (2.5 hours per week). 

5 Week Course & Workshops                    Skilled Based Workshops

Introduction to Drawing and ‘Mark Making’ with Paul Eves, uses studio based exercises to help develop basic drawing skills by using a range of drawing materials. The course will explore the use of line, tone, shape, texture, space, and composition in making drawings. Students will learn to see and record information from the visual world, as well as develop imaginative drawings

Drawing is the foundation of all art forms and is fundamental to any artistic practice. This course introduces the key elements and techniques of observational drawing. During this course, you will explore line, tone, proportion, and value and discover effective ways to see and use these elements in a drawing. Students will work from Still Life subjects examining a variety of approaches and drawing techniques.

Materials provided for this workshop will be graphite, charcoal, pastels, ink various A3 and A4 papers and an A4 Journal. You will learn how to enhance your own artist journal that reflects the experiments and gained knowledge of your art practice. Conventional and non-conventional techniques will be explored, while using the surrounding environment as inspiration to create authentic and individual artworks.


What you will learn:

  • Observational skills relevant to perceptual drawing
  • The use of line in expressing space and appearances (an introduction to contour, gestural and structural drawing)
  • The use of tonal values in expressing light and form
  • An approach to pictorial composition (considering composition as an opportunity for personal expression)


Skilled Based Course                        Skilled Based 5 Week Course


Victoria Art Therapy’s workshops are for NDIS clients and private clients. Victoria Art Therapy engages people and communities to evolve, heal and create through art making. They believe in art for everyone and offer a creative and fun platform for making art. Their dynamic approach to art making, reveals the power of visual expression for their participants. Using a creative free flow approach, these workshops are tailored to activate the imagination and inspire as well as bringing people together to share experiences through social interaction and a sense of connection. The experience is enjoyable and provides individuals with a fresh energy for creative expression. 

Objectives of the workshops:

Engage participants into a supportive creative environment 

 Provide a safe, non judgemental, relaxed setting to engage in art activities 

 To connect people together to share language and similar experiences 

 To enhance self confidence, verbal expression and a sense of reconnection 


Limited spaces available. Contact us soon to secure your spot in May 2023!