Many of you may be feeling overwhelmed due to the rapid unfolding of the past few weeks. We’ve gone from a perceived social freedom to one level of restriction and now to yet another and the ripple effect continues to expand across all areas of life.

Across the globe, we’re all in this together, from politician to musician, actor to business person, student to child. It’s a massive global shift and it’s understandable that you may be experiencing emotions and feelings of uncertainty at this time.

Now is the time to count your blessings so that you don’t allow the outer voices and perceived ‘chaos’ to shake your true inner voice.

Stress is the inability to adapt to a changing environment. As hard as it may be, look around your current environment and see how you can transform it to be workable for you in this current situation. Be creative and focus on what you truly desire and love. We must be greatful for the internet and how we can still keep connected and find other ways of working. We can also share what we are doing. This may helpful to yourself, but you can also help others find their anchor during this time.

The wisest thing that you can do during any period of uncertainty is to remain focused on serving others with your unique gifts. That way you don’t shrink your space and time horizon by focusing on yourself which brings volatility and emotions, which in turn undermines your health and immune system.

Chaos has the power to invite creativity, for it forces us to discover unique possibilities. It involves focusing on something in a new way. We will discover new associations and ways of doing things. This will lead to new directions in the creative flow within us all. (Rassouli, 2016), states ‘When chaos is accepted as part of creativity, the creative process receives a new order’. We should direct our focus positively, believing that a new order will follow. Life is full of challenges! With these uneasy confrontations that we face, we need to constantly adjust to the ups and downs. We LEARN, GROW and become more STRONGER and WISER. Challenges and problems are important parts of life that give us experiences. Turn your challenges into opportunities for growth and self-transformation! 

Here at Victoria Art therapy we are working to do just that. Keep connected by reading our blogs. It will help you keep focused in a positive direction. We are all facing globally this pandemic of COVID-19 so, ‘SPARK’ your creativity with new thoughts and evaluating new information. Allow the mind to use logic to deal with problems in a rational way according to YOUR goals and plans.

Here is a link you may find interesting to watch about artist Anselm Kiefer. He says,

 “It’s always important to have some edge between order and chaos. If you do too much order, it’s finished, it’s not good. If it’s too much chaos you cannot work anymore, it’s too much ideas and things.


Rassouli, 2016. The Book Of Creativity. Glen Waverly, Victoria: Blue Angel Publishing

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